About us

From the beginning, Buenos Aires Habitat has provided travelers with the lovely experience of being in an unknown city but having the feeling of being at home, free of any concern to enjoy the city that welcomes them with open arms. We began by providing travelers with accommodation in furnished apartments in the top neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. We progressively incorporated new real estate services including advisory services, property acquisition, and real estate sales.

Buenos Aires Habitat's staff has the key to this success: travelers are not our clients, they are our guests. Excellence and good service, along with hospitality, make up the right formula to cater for the travelers' needs and ensure them a pleasant and safe stay.

Please contact Buenos Aires Habitat to obtain personal assistance for your stay in our apartments or for further information about investments opportunities in Buenos Aires' real estate market.

Email: info@buenosaireshabitat.com

Phones: USA +(1-305) 735-2223