Palermo Viejo - Soho & Hollywood

Palermo Viejo, inside the perimeter of Santa Fe, Còrdoba, Scalabrini Ortiz and Juan B. Justo Avenues and not far from the “green Palermo”  was  a residential  and proletarian area more than a century ago. During the 80´s it becomes one of the most fashionable neighbourhood of Buenos Aires.

Its cobblestone streets, small Italian and Spanish style houses, enormous aged trees give a melancholic and  a quiet appearance to the vicinity, although  most constructions have been recycled.

Its well-known Plaza Cortázar former Plaza Serrano, in the intersection with Borges street, is the meeting point for artists, designers, and bohemian  people who frequent the zone, as well as for  tourists and local visitors.

A regional handcraft fair is held in this popular “plaza” during weekends, ending in a  very picturesque and colourful spectacle followed by the public in the crowded streets.

Palermo Viejo is divided into two different areas:

Palermo Soho, located at the south of Palermo Viejo: It has been named Soho because of the artistic and bohemian style, similar to the  original Soho in New York city.  Its old buildings  have mainly been  recycled into modern facilities that generally maintain their prior appearance and style, specially the facades. The old houses have become restaurants, bars, boutiques, art galleries, bread and breakfast and cozy youth hostels. The streets have mostly kept the old cobblestone and the magnificent and enormous trees give an special atmosphere  of calm and shadow.

Over 50 trendy restaurants are located in Palermo Soho, offering excellent quality and huge options, like: Indian, Mexican,  Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese´s cuisine and their  specialities. Folk, jazz and tango shows, often during the week-ends, attire music and dance fans to enjoy and share  a good time. It is not unusual to see people after a busy day at work, drinking a beer or a coffee in one of the terraces of the numerous bars or pubs.

Our beloved writer, Jorge Luis Borges, born in 1899, lived  in this neighbourhood at the age of 2 years. It is also known that Carlos Gardel, the unforgettable tango singer, used to sing by the 20 and 30´s  in this vicinity. Tango and poetry blend therefore in these nostalgic sidewalks, emphasising the residents´ attachment to the past  and traditions.
To the north, within Palermo Viejo, out of the limits of Palermo Soho, we are in Palermo Hollywood. Many decades ago, this side of Palermo houses different factories and warehouses, recycled or kept as garages   the most of the times. The houses were mostly simple and humble in accordance with their residents life style. At present they have turned into comfortable and coquettes  residences or fashion boutiques.

The name of Hollywood is due to the increasing number of TV sets, photo studios,  Movies and TV production buildings, but, in spite of this business climate, this side of the “barrio” maintain a quiet ambience and  holds the  secrets and nostalgic  stories of  old Buenos Aires.

As well as Palermo Soho, Palermo Hollywood is plenty of excellent restaurants and bars, boutiques,  art exhibitions, old furniture and decoration stores. Many important trademarks have their ¨maisons¨ and outlets  here.  The neighbours are mainly young professional and designers that prefer the calm of this side of the city .

A stroll around Palermo Viejo should not be missed. Shops open normally at 10-11 a.m., but the gastronomic activity is intense until midnight or more along the week.

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