Palermo Chico - Barrio Parque

Palermo Chico, (Little Palermo) one of the sub-divisions of the district is within walking distance of Palermo Gardens. It is considered the most chic and elegant neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Its mansions, similar to the most prominent European residences belonged to the wealthiest and most traditional families of Argentine society by the earliest 1900´s when Charles Thays, the French landscaper and architect had already designed the harmonic gardens of Palermo. 

After several generations their scions have mostly sold these sumptuous houses (also known as "petit-hotels", according to  the French  voice). They are now occupied by foreign embassies, educational centers and  museums. Several personalities, like stars, politicians and many tycoons own today these French style mansions. Yet, there are still some wealthy and conservative heiress living in the family´ old luxurious home.

The streets of Palermo Chico are shady. Enormous trees, like: ombués, tipas,  jacarandaes, palos borrachos, gomeros, all regional trees, in accordance with Charles Thays urbanizations traces are planted  alongside the curved shaped streets.  These high and exuberant trees give some kind of privacy to the residences, also surrounded by tall and compact fences. However, the distinguished houses can be admired from outside the most of the times.

Alongside Libertador and Figueroa Alcorta Avenues there are luxurious and modern apartments, some of them recently built, according to the classic European style.

Buenos Aires has a wide range of museums and inside Palermo Chico, following  deserve a visit:

MALBA (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos. Aires.: Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires).  It is the newest museum of the city.  Its permanent  exposition includes artists from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and other L.A. countries. Different sculptures, paintings, drawings and also photographs and films  can be admired. Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and the native  Guillermo Kuitca are some of the important  painters  represented in this fantastic geometrical and spacious building. There is also a shop to buy  souvenirs and books.

Museo de Arte Popular Argentino José Hernández: A museum where regional handcrafts, weapons, “ponchos” , silver, pottery and argentine musical instruments are exhibited. 

Grand Bourg Square – Instituto Sanmartiniano: A tribute to José de San Martín, argentine  maximum hero. Within same square there is a replica of the house, in Boulogne Sur Mer, France,  where General San Martín passed away in 1850.  Several monuments surround the museum  that houses  important documents and personal belongings of San Martín.

Museo de Arte Decorativo: This museum  has a permanent collection of furniture, sculptures, porcelains and all kind of decorative pieces from Europe and  specially Far East. Itinerant exhibitions are also held, often sponsored by important companies or rich families.
This elegant  and neo-classic  palace, surrounded by a  pebble path, tidy bushes and flowers, is an icon of the Argentines high class´ glamour at the beginning of last century. A fashionable  resto and coffee shop with tables in the terrace are an interesting attraction for  visitors to rest after  or before visiting the museum.

Palacio Alcorta: a restored old construction previously  used as weapons warehouse by the Army. The architectural style of this “palace” have been mainly maintained. It houses nowadays many modern lofts used as private offices, showrooms, studios   or apartments.

Only three lines of buses , called “colectivos” by the Buenos Aires people, reach this zone. The subway nearest stop is Plaza Italia, therefore a radio taxi is recommended to arrive in Palermo Chico.

Palermo Chico Buenos Aires (Barrio Parque) Map

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