Las Cañitas Buenos Aires

Las Cañitas’ rich history begins over 100 years ago when it was only an open, quiet space surrounded by grassy lands. These beautiful acres of land were mostly used to prepare horses for the nearby hippodrome races. The Porteños had always been fond of equestrian activities. Much of their daily life in Las Cañitas revolved around horses. Consequently the Argentine race track becomes a kind of national monument for the people of Buenos Aires.

The name of Cañitas comes from the name given to the road: Camino de Las Cañitas, which means little sugar cane road.

In the 50’s the entire area was occupied by a military training base, various military families lived in the units that belonged to the Army. A hospital, a high school, the abbey of San Benito, a catholic church and many private and luxurious residences, including the nearby parks and gardens, give prominence to the district.

At present there is only one remaining military presence, and because of this base the city of Las Cañitas is considered to be one of the safest and peaceful areas.

During the 80´s, modern and tall buildings surrounded by enormous gardens and yards revamped the appearance of Las Cañitas. Although, Las Cañitas is not considered an official neighborhood in Buenos Aires, it truly belongs to both Palermo and Belgrano, important and traditional “barrios” of the city Porteña.

Since the early 90’s, Las Cañitas has been considered a fashionable gastronomic zone that is to this day satisfying the increasing number of tourists, as well as local visitors, palate and appetites.

At present, Las Cañitas possesses more restaurants than any other ‘’barrio” in Buenos Aires. These restaurants, bars, lounges, most of them offering open air seating, afford an infinite variety of choice, each delivering excellent quality backed by good old Latin American quality!

During your stroll in Las Cañitas you will find huge exclusive boutiques, leather goods, health and beauty spas, wine and liquors galleries and antique stores. There is also a shopping centre: “El solar de la Abadía”.

The Porteños like to relax and spend the most of their leisure time outside. Buenos Aires pleasant temperatures enable its people to enjoy a healthy outdoor lifestyle.

By the beginning of the twentieth century, the Polo field, a military training campus was created in Las Cañitas. Polo season runs March through May and September through December. This sport is beautiful and specially followed by all enthusiasts. Las Cañitas becomes a meeting point for local celebrities and polo stars from November to December due to the Argentine Open Polo Championship, the most important polo tournament of the world. This beautiful game mirrors the Porteños love of all Equestrian Sports and is a highly enjoyable pastime.

Music, military exhibitions and popular festivals also take place in the Polo Field, especially at night during summer months. All in all Las Cañitas is your destination for culture, food, sports and the adventure of a lifetime just waiting to happen.

Las Cañitas Buenos Aires Map


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