Mar de Las Pampas Real Estate

Nearly 10 years ago, Mar de las Pampas was converted into a major tourist destination thanks to its rapid real estate growth. And today, the beach continues to stand out for its peacefulness and its strong connection with nature. Just 373 kilometers from Capital Federal (Buenos Aires City), and only 93 from Mar del Plata, this retreat brings sand and ocean together in a beautiful setting.

Mar de las Pampas is known for its tranquility, and the residents and developers have fought tooth and nail to keep it that way. Cell phone service isn’t even readily available, giving the city a pace of its own. In the same way, it has grown at its own pace.

As it was developing, the resort adopted its own style. Cabins and complexes were developed and built, but in a style and with materials that complemented the surrounding forests, including wood, stone, panoramic windows, and a minimalist style. Many people who visit this quiet town say compare it to Bariloche, but with the ocean.

Apart-hotels are really common in this area, taking cues from the independence and solidarity of the area, but also offering traditional hotel services. Houses, including rental houses, are being built slowly but surely. Modern style architecture is being mixed with the existing cabins and cottages, but everything is growing at a slow, deliberate, well thought out pace.

The majority of the visitors to this area are families, with grandparents, parents and their children. People flock to this seaside oasis year round, looking for a break from the city life, be it Capital Federal or other urban centers.

Most investors in the area are middle-aged couples looking to get away from the big cities. Many lots are available, so some buyers choose to build their own home on a new piece of land.

All the lots measure 15x30 and 15x45, with the exception of some that are found in the northern zone of the city. Prices vacillate between 28,000 and 85,000 dollars, depending on their location in relation to the ocean, the city center, and the forest. The average price to buy a home sits around USD 1000 per square meter.

There is still an interesting market for building a new home. The lots closest to the sea cost around USD 70,000, the more central ones are between 50,000 and 35,000 dollars, and the more remote average USD 25,000. Construction costs usually come to about USD 800 per square meter.

Beyond buying to settle down, many people choose to buy a home for vacations or just for weekend breaks. They tend to run from 1000 to 1200 dollars per m2, and apartment values vary depending on the capacity and location. They are the most sought after by people who want to live in the area, who have a profitable job. Many are also simply investing, using the apartment on the weekends during the low season, and making some extra cash by offering it as a summer rental home in the high season.

2010 is expected to be one of the best years yet, and everyone in the area is working together to keep the prices right where they want them, as well as the rental terms. So far, they’ve had a rent of 100 percent, and they hope to keep it that way.

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