Historic Buildings Rentals in Buenos Aires

Historic Buildings Rent for High Prices

Buenos Aires is renowned for its unusual cocktail of architectural styles that show examples of all the great modern eras of design. The most historic and classic landmark structures are the most exclusive and highly priced in the Buenos Aires real estate market.

The heavyweight contenders in Buenos Aires architectural elite include; the Kavanagh building, Atucha Palace, the Palacio de los Patos and Posadas. These are all symbols of the city and represent the changes and influences that the city has experienced through the influence from Europe and the United States. Standing outside and looking up at some of these structures makes you green with envy of the people who live inside them. It would be a dream come true to live here and this dream realization is something that is reserved only for the richest of the richest in Argentina. So, how much does it cost to live the dream inside the walls of these architectural and historical masterpieces?

Buying a single meter squared in the Atucha Palace, which faces onto Carlos Pelligrini Plaza, will set you back a massive $ 5000 US dollars, but it’s worth as you’d be buying a piece of history.
Another example of the price tags for historic buildings in Buenos Aires is the building on Alvear Avenue and Roberto María Ortiz Street. This building was designed and built by the architects Beccú, Moreno and Acevedo. One floor in this place that covers an area of 600 m2, with five bedrooms, three offices, lounge, garages, three bathrooms and dining room is valued at over three million dollars.

Properties of this standard are the preferred choice of residence for foreigners living in Buenos Aires, ambassadors, Argentine traditional families from the elite and top business executives. It is the European residents that gravitate to these types of properties in particular, perhaps because the building’s style reminds them of home in Europe.

Each neighborhood has a different style and feel to their high-end structures. Belgrano, for example, boasts French style maisons and luxurious, more modern, residential tower blocks. Whereas Recoleta is dominated by larger, belle époque, french apartment buildings.

These buildings are part of Argentina’s national heritage and are evidence of Argentina’s boom years when the economy was riding high on and wave of leather and beef products. All architectural gems, they give the city of Buenos Aires an identity and reflect the fascinating past of Argentina and its capital city. For those of us you can’t afford the million dollar price tags, you can admire their beauty from the pavement. Don’t forget to take your camera.

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