Premium buildings with high-luxury amenities

For many Buenos Aires locals, living in an apartment with a pool, an entertainment room and a terrace or asado area is no longer sufficient. Now, those who can afford to dream of high luxury are looking towards open air golf cages, hair salons, landscaped gardens, counter-current pools, and even butler service.

Just as the pools, multi-use room and asado area were once the objects of everyone’s desires, now it is the high-luxury amenities and services. Today, the traditional luxury amenities are no longer considered exclusive, no longer limited to the finest buildings in the finest areas.

Château Libertador, for example, is one of the city’s premium buildings, and aims to “have the service of a five-star hotel in your own home”. The building is 40 floors high, with 150 units of 213 to 517 m2, where the prices sit around USD 3000 per m2. In addition, about 4000 m2 are earmarked for top-of-the-line amenities and services. A semi-Olympic sized covered pool, a lobby bar, a movie room, a 200-person (seated, no less) party room, a babysitting service with four teachers, a hair salon and beauty parlor, a complete, staffed gym, a spa and a massage room are among the amenities offered. There is a open-air pool on the third floor, and two asado areas with capacity for 40 people each, as well as an open-air golf cage.

The developer, Grupo Château, strives to strike the balance between a home and a luxury hotel, bringing home everything you normally have to leave behind on vacation. And it has worked. Many of the tenants say they chose the building primarily because of its amenities, although its location doesn’t hurt, either. About 50 families currently live there, and building expenses come in at about 15 pesos per m2.

A similar project is Le Parc Figueroa Alcorta, built by the Raghsa group, which offers a large amount of amenities, as well. The complex consists of two towers of 43 and 28 floors, which are constructed on a piece of land that is over 11,000 m2, and has a total of 126 units between 200 and 420 m2, with each square meter coming in at about 4800 USD. One can only imagine the level of amenities offered.

A spokesperson for the developing company said that the amenities are not only measured by the services they offer, but by their sophistication, given by the quality and technology level.

Yet another project, in swanky Puerto Madero, offers an even more valuable amenity: sustainability. Art María, the name of the project, focuses intensely on sustainability, with many different ways to make the building self-sufficient and environment friendly. Each square meter at Art María sells for about USD 1500.

While many projects try to make an impact with the shear quantity of services offered, others see the value in offering just a handful of great services, such as the Quartier buildings. The construction alone is seen as amenity here, being of the highest quality, and with thoughtfully designed spaces, to allow for the fullest enjoyment possible.

Especially in the higher-end market, amenities have become one of the most important selling points. Each buyer looks for something different, but the fact is that everyone is looking for something a little extra.

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