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Puerto Madero, a contemporary neighborhood in Buenos Aires, with its reach history and luscious landscapes, deserves a special visit from you.

The history of Puerto Madero is fascinating, having originally been the main port of Buenos Aires, now Puerto Nuevo, moved for economical reasons and was left abandoned for over a century. In the 90´s a magnificent renovation took place. The old red brick warehouses were refurbished into luxurious offices, residences, 5 stars hotels, banks, movies, restaurants and pubs. The seat of UCA, Argentine Catholic University, is one of the biggest buildings within Puerto Madero today. The sleeping city has been brought back to its greater glory!

Puerto Madero is now considered one of the safest areas in Buenos Aires. Not to mention that in terms of Real Estate, it is one of the highest property value among all other Latin American cities.

Once in Puerto Madero you will perceive a quiet, pleasant atmosphere. No pollution, no noise, clean air, open walkways, glorious fountains and ancient trees are some of this beautiful cities enticing attractions. Puerto Madero is highly pedestrian, inviting you to walk along the docks, enjoy a bike ride, take pleasure in a mi-day stroll through the beautiful sunny streets of Buenos Aires.

The large open boulevards, river views, outdoor trendy cafes and restaurants compliment foreign as well as local visitors every day of the year. The social activities of Puerto Madero huge and vastly different, a variety of restaurants offer extensive choices for any meal of the day. You will be able to choose from the simplest fast food to the most exotic international cuisine, and needless to say your choice of the legendary Argentinean beefs!

The most important places you should visit along your stroll through Puerto Madero are:

Fragata Sarmiento – Sarmiento Frigate: a floating museum in a century old Navy training vessel. The Fragata Sarmiento was in service until 1960.

Corbeta Uruguay – The Uruguay Corvette: a floating and interesting museum to visit too.

The Yacht Club Argentino Marina: Fantastic restaurant and café by the river. A meeting an ideal meeting place for members and guests.

Hotel de los Inmigrantes – Immigrants Hotel: The immigrants first shelter in the old Buenos Aires. At present it houses different government offices as well as a museum where you can admire old photographs, maps, instruments and many documents brought from Europe.

Puente de la Mujer – Woman’s Bridge: designed by the Spanish Engineer Santiago Calatrava. This is a pedestrian bridge that allows you to cross to east side of Puerto Madero.

Madero Este – East Madero: The opposite side of the old warehouses. Most modern steel and glass buildings and recycled silos house the offices of a new financial district, where business travellers, tourists and local employees enjoy their leisure time, especially at noon.

La Fuente de las Nereidas – Mermaids Fountain: a white marble masterpiece made by argentine artist, Lola Mora. This beautiful sculpture Crowns the entrance of the Reserva Ecológica.

Reserva Ecológica – Ecological Reserve: a natural reserve originated by the demolitions debris while building an urban highway. At present it houses different kind of ducks, birds, plants and trees. We recommend you bring binoculars to observe all the different specimens.

Museo de Calcos – Tracing Museum: collection of ancient sculptures & duplicate masterpieces.

Finally, if you wish to bet a dollar, or a few, try the Casino Buenos Aires, open 24 hours. It is located on a Mississippi style river boat, since gambling is not legal within the city of Buenos Aires.

Puerto Madero Buenos Aires Map


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